Behavior Health

Behavior Health

Hour Family provides a valuable service to the community by providing intense in-home behavioral support services to families in distress.

The service begins by providing an in-depth assessment of the client by a licensed, board certified psychologist or a B.C.B.A. (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) This highly qualified professional will determine the problem area(s) that are impeding the potential client from being successful at home, at school or in the community.

After the thorough assessment is completed, the intense in home work with the client begins. An interventionist that is hand-picked will be paired with the client and family to begin the process of eliminating maladaptive behavior(s) and replacing or modifying maladaptive behaviors to socially acceptable and productive behaviors so that the individual can thrive.

We serve the following populations, dually diagnosed, mental retardation and mental illness and/or severe behavior disorders.

Let us walk with you to conquer what may seem like insurmountable obstacles so your family member can learn new ways of living, adopt new coping skills and begin to soar and win at life!