Visitation and Exchange

Hour Family’s Supervised Visitation Exchange program provides safe, supervised visits between children and their non-custodial parents when ordered by the court.

Supervised Visitation
Supervised visitation provides children with the opportunity to maintain healthy, positive contact with their parents in a safe environment by having visits observed and monitored by a member of the Hour Family staff. This process ensures for the safety and well being of everyone involved in the visitation process.

Supervised Exchange
Supervised exchange is supervision of the transfer of the child(ren) from a custodial parent and a non-custodial parent. This process can allow for a safe exchange of the child(ren) without direct contact between the parents.

Hour Family Visitation and Exchange services are available to agencies, parents (including foster and adoptive parents), as well as when placement is with a relative or in other custodial situations. We are available to the court, or other interested parties, to monitor and document the interaction between adults and children. We monitor and document both the visitation and the exchange.

Some of our Visitation and Exchange services include:

  • Support and facilitate safe visitation between children and their non -custodial parents,
    while ensuring safety for children and custodial parents
  • Enhance non-custodial parent and child interactions when appropriate
  • Provide the court with reports on the families’ participation in the program

Child visitation and child custody exchanges are a vital part of maintaining and building relationships between a child and each of their parents, but they can be a major challenge for the parents.

Hour Family’s Visitation and Exchange services is uniquely equipped to help with the following:

  • Parents who have obtained a restraining order for related domestic abuse or sexual assault issues.
  • Parents working with a Social Service agency or other family-based agencies.
  • Parents who have not seen their children for extended periods of time.
  • Parents who have children in foster care because of abuse.
  • Parents and/or children at risk of domestic violence or sexual assault.
  • Children at risk of child abuse or neglect.
  • Families that are struggling due to divorce issues.
  • Any guardian of a child involved in any of the above issues.
  • Parents that need a neutral environment for visitation or exchanges.

It is important to provide protection from physical and emotional abuse and establish a safe and neutral environment for children to interact with parents or family members. Our staff of trained observers have thousands of hours of experience supervising adult and children interactions across North Texas. Our ultimate mission is to provide a safe family environment to help families heal and reunify.

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